Monday, August 25, 2008

Dry Land

Six weeks ago our well went out. We use it to water our yard. It is connected to our sprinkler system, and so we've been hand watering most of the summer. Right now the once green lawn looks like the hills surounding us; gold and dry. I noticed in the backyard big cracks where the earth has dried, and the wood around the raised beds has buckled and shifted. Too much sunshine and not enough water and everything is a little scorched around the edges. The only plants that are doing well are those with deep roots; they can weather this time of drought and still bear fruit. I want to be like those plants.

This morning during my time of prayer and devotions I read: "I will pour out water upon the thirsty ground, and streams upon the dry land;" Isaiah 44:3 Lord pour out your living water, make my roots grow deep fed by your word. Help me to bear fruit in this season of drought.