Monday, November 3, 2008

Helpful Hint

Woke up yesterday morning to find a swarm of ants in the plastic containers that we keep our cat and dog food in. We weren't happy to see them gorging themselves on the pet food we had just bought. As I put on my go-to-battle fatigues (plastic gloves and ant poison stick) I thought hopelessly about all that food the ant army had conquered. Would we have to throw it out, would we dump it in a pile and tirelessly pick them out one by one?? Then in a ah-ha moment of clarity I wondered if ants freeze. We took gallon size plastic bags and put the pet food, ants and all, in the bag and zipped it shut. Then we stuck those little creeps in the freezer. Today we dumped the food into a colander and shook all the tiny antcicles on to the ground. By golly it worked. Just thought you'd like to know.