Thursday, March 4, 2010


Went to the Embassy Suites today to sell some jewelry at one of those "We buy everything shows" and as I was upstairs talking with the appraiser, John went downstairs to look for a mail box. 15 minutes later I walked out the door and John is upset telling me this man hit him and pushed him down! The man was yelling something about John trying to take his customers from him all week, and the manager was on the phone calling the police! I tried to tell the guy we'd only been there less than 20 minutes and that we were selling not buying, so he had the wrong person. Then we found out he was the guy running the show at the hotel! The police came and long story short the man appologized to John and me, and asked for our forgiveness; I think this was because he realized we could have him arrested or sue him and the hotel.  Well this was his lucky day, we didn't press charges, we are Christians and it is lent, so we forgave him. Unfortunately for him he shook John's hand and John's been sick all week, and of course I'm on Facebook and I can tell everyone to stay away from his show ;-)