Monday, May 16, 2011

Huck by Janet Elder

Michael Elder had pleaded with his parents for years to get him a dog—but the answer was always no. “No you are too young, no we live in an apartment in New York, no we are too busy to care for a dog.” His mom, Janet, had these reasons and more and his dad Rich always agreed. Still Michael tried many times to prove how important it was for him to have a dog. When he was 11 years old the family took a trip to Italy and even then, they pointed out how hard it would be to travel if they had to care for a dog. It was during this trip that Janet saw something that made her reconsider her “no dog” stand. After returning home she discovered she had cancer and again her thoughts about getting him a dog became more favorable, even if it was “just for something” to look forward to.

Huck, a 5 pound red poodle puppy joined their family in November and they were smitten with the little guy. In March, as Janet felt better, they decided to take a trip to Florida and leave Huck with her sister’s family in New Jersey. The family loved dogs, had a fenced yard, and it seemed like a perfect fit. It worked out for the first day and then Huck ran away.

Reading this book about how all these strangers put their effort into finding a little lost puppy, brings back faith in human kindness and shows the compassion of neighbors in small towns. It is a page turner that I couldn’t put down, and it had me asking how far I would go to find a lost dog. This is a good story for all ages.

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