Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Divine Appointment

Had to get up at 5:30 this morning. I wasn't a "happy camper". The electricity in my salon went out on Saturday, and the only time the property manager could get the electrician to fix it was at 6:30am. Did you know it's still dark outside at that time? Plus the moon is up too. Anyway I talked John into driving me--good thing 'cause I can't see at night!

The electrician was a nice guy. He worked with a flashlight in his mouth (did I tell you it was dark) and tried to hold a conversation with us at the same time. As he finished testing the lights he told us that he had just gotten home from taking his mom up to Stanford, she has lung cancer. He also said she's a handful, stubborn and a bit cranky. I said I could relate, having just spent 15 years taking care of my strong-willed mom, taking her to doctor appointments and trying to keep all her many doctors on the same page. Then he said his sister lived with his mom but couldn't help because she (the sister) is a drug addict and has overdosed 2 times. That opened a door for me to share with him that I was ex-addict and that I'd been out of the drug world for 28 years. I could see the disbelief on his face before he said "I would never have guessed, you don't look like you'd ever do drugs." I replied "Exactly, you never know about people, but I was a addict, a dealer and even helped smuggle drugs...and God got me out. There is always hope."
He looked around at the salon and said "Look at the life you have now, it's amazing." 

Before he left I got his address--his sister will need a copy of my book, and her name will be added on to the list of drug addicts we pray for and he will be added to the list of loved ones that need somebody to lift them up when this journey gets too hard to handle alone. And I will remember that when I asked God to show me who to get my book to, to lead me and direct my path, that sometimes He asks me to get up at 5:30 for that divine appointment.

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Lille Diane said...

You are an inspiration everywhere you go, and to everyone you meet. I cannot wait to read your book. It's by Grace any of us made it out of some pretty bad choices we made in our lives. I love you two very much. I know you've prayed for me, and still do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!