Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Book Release

Do you hear the trumpet blowing? Daunt,da,da,dah! Tales of the Titmouse One Woman's Journey Out of Darkness has been published :-) You can find it on (check the link on this blog) if you go there please read Joan Rogers review at the bottom of their book page. You can also read about the book at my publishers(Outskirts Press) link below. It has also been listed at Barnes and I'm still waiting for UPS to get here with my box of advanced copies, don't you just love waiting? If your signed on to Goodreads I am giving away one signed copy in a contest that is running from Nov1-Dec1.  I'll be letting everyone know where and when I'll be having book signings and publicity events. Thank you for all your prayers, keep them coming for everyone struggling with addiction and their loved ones.

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Terra said...

Congratulations on the publication of your book.
You might want to have a photo taken of you holding your first copy, when it arrives in the mail. I did that with my book, it is such a golden moment.